How To Become A WordPress Developer In Nigeria

How To Become A WordPress Developer In Nigeria

If you’re interested in becoming a WordPress developer, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll take you through the steps you need to take to become a WordPress developer in Nigeria 2023.

You can make a lot of money as a WordPress developer in Nigeria. WordPress development involves mostly developing plug-ins and themes for WordPress. There are still a lot of money to be made from this skill because most Nigerian developers are yet to into it. This post will guide you on everything you need to know as a newbie WordPress developer so you can get started creating and building your own themes and plug-ins.

The themes and plug-ins created for WordPress can be sold on various online marketplaces for foreign currency imagine living in Nigeria and earning $1000 a month passively from themes and plug-ins you already listed on marketplaces.

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What is WordPress?
WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that powers over 40% of websites on the internet. It is a popular choice for bloggers, small business owners, and large corporations because of its ease of use and flexibility.


How to Become a WordPress Developer
How to Become a WordPress Developer

Why Become a WordPress Developer?
As a WordPress developer, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, from simple blogs to complex e-commerce sites. You’ll be able to customize WordPress to meet the unique needs of your clients, and you’ll have access to a large community of developers who can help you solve problems and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

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Steps to Becoming a WordPress Developer

Step 1: Learn the Basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript:

Before you can become a WordPress developer, you need to have a good understanding of the basics of web development. This includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can start by taking online courses or reading books on the subject.
WordPress is very much related to web development, the above listed languages are a must for anyone who intends to do web development. You can get the foundation you need from watching YouTube videos, if you’re a beginner without a lot of money to spend here are some videos that might be of great help to you.

Html & CSS


Step 2: Learn PHP

PHP is the programming language that powers WordPress. As a WordPress developer, you’ll need to have a good understanding of PHP. You can start by taking online courses or reading books on the subject.

Php is a must learn for anyone who intends to build a career or business as a WordPress developer.

Here is a video on how to learn Php as a complete beginner

Knowledge of Php would equally help any in developing other projects that might not necessarily be WordPress projects.

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Step 3: Learn WordPress

Once you have a good understanding of PHP, the next step is to learn WordPress. You can start by reading the WordPress Codex, which is the official documentation for WordPress developers. You can also take online courses or attend in-person workshops.
It would also help to learn how to use page builders like elementor and divi before learning actual development with PHP. You can’t build themes and plug-ins for WordPress of you do not fully understand how WordPress works.

Step 4: Build Projects

Building projects is the best way to learn and improve your skills as a WordPress developer. You can start by building simple projects like a custom theme or plugin. As you gain more experience, you can move on to more complex projects.
The only way to get better at programming in general is to build project after project. You can watch a ton of tutorials but it you don’t put what you’ve learnt from tutorials into practice, you’ll never been able to fully grasp the concept that you’ve been taught.
Be sure to share all your projects on github, it helps to get feedback from other developers on how to better structure your code.

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Step 5: Join the WordPress Community

Joining the WordPress community is a great way to learn from other developers, network, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. You can join the WordPress Slack channel, attend WordCamps, and participate in online forums.
Being part of a community helps to keep you up to date with all the latest technologies and frameworks that are in use in WordPress development. A community also provides you with opportunities that you may not normally get on your own, such as Job opportunities and internships opportunities.

Step 6: Get Certified

Getting certified is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills as a WordPress developer. Some popular certifications for WordPress developers include the WordPress Certified Developer certification from WP Academy and the WordPress Developer certification from Udemy.

Nigerians as you know are obsessed with certificates, having some kind of certification on your resume or LinkedIn profile could open up a lot more doors to more job opportunities for you. You get certifications when you enroll in various online courses; most times they allow you to use these certificates in your resume.

If you you’re going to opt for the certification make sure it’s from a reputable organization or course platform. Most employers won’t take you seriously if you present a certificate from a site that they’ve never heard of.

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WordPress development can be very lucrative especially in Nigeria; the field is not yet saturated. The is best time to start learning is now; there are so many ways to make money as a WordPress developer. You either build or sell your own plug-ins or you can freelance on top sites like upwork and fiverr.

When you become an expert at WordPress development you can make money by tutoring developers who may want to get into WordPress development or by selling online courses on Udemy and teachable.

Becoming a WordPress developer requires dedication, hard work, and a passion for technology. By following the steps outlined in this post, you can start your journey towards becoming a successful WordPress developer. Remember, the key is to keep learning, building, and networking. Good luck!

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