How to find a remote job as a Nigerian developer

How to find a remote job as a Nigerian developer

In this post, I’ll be providing you with a step by step guide on how to find a remote job as a Nigerian developer. The best thing that can happen to you as a Nigerian programmer is landing a remote developer role, this can directly result in you earning large sums of money every month.


The current exchange rate favors remote workers because you earn in dollars and spend in naira, at the time of writing this $1/700 naira. You could land a role at an American startup and you could easily earn $2000/mo, when converted to naira this translates to N1.4million naira/MO. With that kind of money you could live like a king in Nigeria, you could relocate to an affordable state like Cross river or ogun state and live very comfortably. You could also afford to buy your own house etc.


What is Remote work?


I know most of you reading this article are already familiar with remote work and its meaning but for those of you who aren’t familiar, working remote simply means working from home. Here you work for a company based in another country directly from the comfort of your home.


There are many jobs that can be done remotely but for this article I’ll be focusing mostly on developers and how they can get remote jobs.


How to land a remote job as a Nigerian developer


Here is a step by step guide on how land a remote job as a Nigerian developer :


  •  Sign up on a remote job site
  •  Spice up your skills Prepare a very good CV
  •  Be active on Developer forums
  • Network with other Developers


Sign up on a remote job site


There are many companies that specialize in connecting you with foreign companies looking for developers. Programming is a very in demand skill, so long as your skills are up to date and you have a good grasp of the latest technologies, you will surely find a company in need of your skills.


I will be recommending some of these websites to you, These companies have listed below are some of the best websites for Nigerians looking to find a remote job :


* Toptal

* Andela

* Upwork

* Stackoverflow jobs

* LinkedIn


Most of these companies will require you to take a test so they can access your skills, if you’re able to pass their tests you’ll be matched with companies abroad looking for developers.

Try as much as possible to optimize your LinkedIn profile for search, this will ensure that you’re found by employers.


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Spice up your skills


Before you register on one of these sites, it’s advisable to brush up on your skills. Like I stated above, most of these websites will require that you take a coding test so they can access your skills so you’ll be wise to keep up with the latest technologies.


Prepare a good CV


You stand a better chance of landing a remote job if a have a well prepared CV, that highlights your various skills and projects. Your CV should include a link to your github repository, so that the HR manager can access your source code and coding style.

It is advisable to prepare a portfolio website and share some of your projects on the site, include the link to the portfolio site in your CV.

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Be active on developer forum


There are many developer forum and groups online made up of professionals from all over the world, this makes it a great place to find remote roles abroad. Try and contribute regularly to these forums so as to get noticed and seen.


Hackernoon and medium are great websites to make posts sharing your knowledge on various technical topics. Many companies and CTO use these sites regularly, if you have a great post on there, your chances of getting hired increases exponentially.


Network with other developers


Networking with Nigerian developers that are already working remotely Is another great way to get hired, this is because these developers could recommend you to they’re companies whenever there is a vacancy. Also these developers are in a better position to offer you advice and tips on how to land your own remote job quickly.




Remote jobs pay very well and every developer should be working towards landing one at some point in their career. These points above are just a few tips to help you as you continue your search for that lucrative remote role.


If you need any other information or you have any question. Please drop them below I reply immediately


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