How to make money as a programmer in Nigeria

Does coding pay well in Nigeria

Programming is one of the most lucrative skills one can have in 2021, in this post I’ll be showing you how you can make money online as a programmer in Nigeria. Programming can simply be described as the process of giving instruction to a computer in order to accomplish a particular task. These instructions are inputted using a programming language.


Programmers are currently in high demand in Nigeria, this is because Nigeria is experiencing a tech boom and it requires the services of computer programmers to help it grow its tech space.


There are many ways to earn good money online using your programming skill, these ways to listed below:


How to make money as a programmer in Nigeria.



  • Blogging
  •  Freelance
  •  Courses
  •  YouTube
  •  Remote work
  •  Ebook sales
  •  Tutorials
  •  Job
  •  SaaS
  •  Themes


Blogging :


You can definitely start a blog as a programmer, this blog can be a great way for you to share your knowledge with others. You can write technical articles, tutorials or tips for beginners.

You don’t necessarily need to register a new domain or purchase hosting for your blog, you can get started with medium. Medium is a great place for programmers as there is already an audience waiting to read your content, medium pays you every time a subscriber reads your article.

If you do decide to setup your own custom blog, do well to read my article on how to set up a blog for less than N10k.


Freelance :


Freelance is a good way to earn a nice side income as a developer, like I said programmers are in such high demand that finding a freelance job as a developer is not that difficult.

In order to land your first gig:

* you’ll need to set up a portfolio website for yourself and then showcase the personal projects that you’ve worked on.

* You’ll need to reach out to friends and family in order to get a referral from them.

* You should also be very active on Twitter, share your knowledge on your chosen tech stack.


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You can make a lot of money selling courses on the internet, the best thing about this is that it is very passive. You can film a course on any topic related to programming which you have an in depth knowledge of and put it out on udemy or teachable.

Courses are not a get rich quick scheme, it does take some time to set up but once it’s done, it basically runs on autopilot.


Here is a video on how to make money online selling courses:


YouTube :


YouTube is the world’s biggest video platform, so many people from all around the world come to YouTube to watch programming related videos. Making videos on YouTube can turn into a nice passive income for you if it’s done correctly.


There are a lot of ways to make money with your channel, here they are :


Remote work:


The recent pandemic has led to a lot of companies hiring developers from third world countries. This is because a lot of developers in their home country don’t want to return to the office and they see no reason to keep paying a huge salary to a programmer who is just going to work from home.


There are so many website where you can apply for remote jobs, here are some popular ones :


* Toptal

* Crossover

* LinkedIn etc


Visit these sites, set up your profile and start applying for jobs.


E-book sales:


If you’re quite knowledgeable in a particular technology, you should definitely consider writing an eBook on the subject and selling it online. There are a lot of people out there who are looking to learn and will really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with them.




Tutorials are another great way to earn good money with your programming skills, a lot of newbies want to learn how to code. These tutorials can be done online or offline, people pay a lot of money to learn how to code.

You can film a tutorial and put it up on a site like Udemy, it’s a great way to make passive income.




You can as well get a job as a developer, this is kind of the traditional way a lot of developers make their money. There is a huge demand for good developers in Nigeria, this is because tech is the fastest growing industry in Nigeria right now.

The great thing about tech is that no degree is required, you can be a self taught developer and still land a good job with an amazing salary as a developer.


Here is a good video on how to land your first job without having a college degree :




SaaS here stands for software as a service, this is where you use your skills to build a particular software product and then charge a monthly subscription fee for it. This is a very lucrative business that not a lot of developers in Nigeria have taken advantage of.




You can make good money creating WordPress and shopify themes for individuals and businesses. You can either work directly with clients who need themes or you can put them up on a market place and make money whenever someone purchases your theme.




Being a developer in Nigeria today can be very lucrative, the tech industry in Nigeria is still at its infancy and a lot of developers are needed to help with the growth. If you’re considering learning how to code, my advice to you would be to go right ahead.


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