21 Best skills to sell on upwork as a Nigerian

Best skills to sell on upwork as a Nigerian

In this post, I’ll be showing you the 21 best skills to sell on upwork in order to earn big money as a Nigerian. Upwork is a freelance platform quite similar to fiverr, this platform has seen significant growth thanks to the pandemic.

Upwork is quite similar to fiverr, the only difference is that upwork is a lot more professional that fiverr. On upwork you get paid hourly opposed to fiverr which is a one of pay.

There are a lot of Nigerians earning big money on upwork, here is a video of a Nigerian explaining how he earned $50,000 on upwork :

In this post I’ll be showing you the best skills to sell on upwork so that you too can earn big.


21 best skills to sell on upwork as a Nigerian :

  • Virtual assistant
  •  Web development
  •  App development
  •  UI/UX designer
  •  Social media manager
  •  Digital marketing expert
  • SEO services
  • Data entry
  • Video editor
  •  YouTube script writer
  •  E-book cover designer
  •  E-book writer.
  •  Freelance writer
  •  Copy writing
  • WordPress theme/Plug in development
  •  Shopify app development.
  •  Music producer
  •  Consulting
  •  Tee-shirt design
  • Graphic designers
  • Accounting services


Virtual assistant : 


This a growing niche on upwork, it’s perfect for newbies just starting out on upwork. Virtual assistant do various tasks such as replying emails, data entry, managing social media etc.

This type of jobs pay minimum wage on upwork but it’s a perfect way to build up some Rep on the platform.


Web development :


 Web development is still a very in demand niche, this involves building web applications for the internet using html, CSS and Javascript.


There are various areas in web development, some of them are :


Front end : These are web developer who write client side code, that’s they build the part of the website with the users see and interact with. The technologies used here are html, CSS, react etc.

Back end : These web developers that work on the part of the website which the users do not see, the backend is the brain of the website. The technologies used here are python, node Js, PHP.

Full stack : A full stack web developer is a developer who has knowledge of both the front end and the back end as well as databases. They tend to earn more than any other kind of developer.


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App development :


App development niche skills are in great demand these days, this is because more and more business want applications developed. App developers earn very well on upwork as high as $50/hr, you’ll need knowledge of the native app development to get started.

If you’re interested in this space, then check out my post on how I make money as an app developer.


UI/UX designer


Designers are very a paid very well on upwork, this is due to the sheer amount of value that they bring. UI/UX designers are professionals who design mobile apps and web applications, their job is very much in demand these days due to the growth of the tech industry.

If you’re looking to get started as an designer, here is a video for you to watch :




Social media manager


Social media managers earn a fair wage on upwork, their main job is to keep the social media handles of their clients updated. If you’re a beginner with limited skills, this niche is perfect for you.


Digital marketing expert :


 Digital marketing is a huge niche on upwork, the job basically requires one to generate leads For a business. Leads here meaning potentially customers, this can be done using social media marketing.

Having a certification in digital marketing certainly helps one to land jobs quicker on upwork.


If you’re looking to get into digital marketing here is a free course for you :




SEO services :


 The SEO niche is really huge now as more companies are trying to rank on Google and Bing, this can be a very lucrative niche for you to get into.

As an SEO expert can charge up to $100/hr on upwork, this is because they are in demand now that most businesses are going digital.

If you’re a beginner looking to learn more about SEO, Ahref has an amazing course on this :



Data entry :


This is perfect for beginners who no in demand skills to offer on upwork, it can also be quite lucrative. Data entry involves Data from one spreadsheet into another spreadsheet, these kinds of tasks cannot easily be automated that’s why companies outsource them on upwork.

Headover to upwork now and sign up for an account, start earning with Data entry today.


Video editor:


  Video editor are in such high demand on upwork as most companies require their services to edit promotional videos, companies these days prefer freelance video editors to in house video editing. YouTubers and online content creators also hier video editors to help them with their video editing, this allows them to focus more on creating content.

There are many ways to make money online with video editing besides just upwork, you could also sell your services on fiverr.


YouTube script writer: 


YouTube is really big these days and most creators are starting to take their channels really seriously, they have resorted to hiring professional scripts writers to create scripts for their YouTube video.

This is a relatively new niche on upwork, now would be the perfect time to get in and start earning with this niche.


Ebook cover designer: 


Ebook cover designer is a big niche on upwork, graphic designers are the ones who mostly work in this niche. They create beautiful designs for ebooks which helps to draw potential customers to purchase the ebooks.


E-book writer: 


Some freelance writers have chosen to specialize in ebook writing, this has lead to a higher pay on upwork. Most individuals don’t usually have the time or skill required to write an ebook themselves, that’s why they end up outsourcing to freelance writers.

If you’re a freelance writer, I highly suggest that you specialize as an ebook writer as it can be quite lucrative to do so.


Freelance writer:


 Freelance writer is a more broad niche, they are freelancers who write articles, copywrites, blog posts etc for businesses and individuals.

If you’re looking to get into this niche, I highly recommend you take this writing course to help improve your writing skills :



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Copy writing:


 This is a type of freelance writer who has chosen to specialize in copy writing, copy writers create copies for business which help them market their services and products.

Businesses pay insane amounts of money for this kind of service, making copy writers the most paid kind of freelance writer.

If you would love to earn insane amounts of money as a copywriter, here is a free course on YouTube :




WordPress theme/Plugin development:


 WordPress is the content management system that powers more than 70% of true web, these websites constantly need themes and plug-ins to function properly. This has lead to a huge demand for WordPress theme and plug in developers.

If you’ll like to get started with WordPress themes and plugin development, here is a free course:



Shopify app development: 


Shopify is a platform that was developed to help individuals launch E-commerce businesses within minutes, this platform requires fresh themes and apps to keep running smoothly. Businesses turn to upwork in search of developers to help develop custom Shopify themes for their websites.

Shopify developers earn very well on upwork, they can charge as high as $120hr on the platform.


Music producer: 


If you’re good in music production, you can earn extra income producing music for clients on upwork.




 If you are knowledgeable in any technical area be it programming, digital marketing or SEO, you can earn good money on upwork consulting on that particular niche.


Tee-shirts design:


 Business also reach out to graphic designers on upwork to help design logo’s for Teeshirt, a good logo makes a shirt sell faster. If you’re really good at designing try offering your services as a tee shirt designer.


Graphic designers: 


This niche is a lot more broad than a Tee shirt designer, graphic designer design basically everything. They design logos, websites, apps etc.

If you’re looking to get started with graphic design, here is a course for you:


Accounting services:


 If you’re an accounting professional looking to earn some extra cash online, trying offering your accounting services on a site like upwork. Accountants earn a good income on the platform, because their services are of great value to businesses.


How to get started with upwork.

Now that you’ve learnt all the ways that you can possibly make money with upwork, the next thing to do would be to head over to upwork.com and sign up for an account.

Upwork does have an approval process, so you’ll have to wait for your account to be approved. Once it is approved then you can start submitting proposals for jobs.

I recommend you watch this video from Josh burns tech, this will help you land your first client on upwork :



Upwork is a very good way to get started with making money online, the world is moving more towards remote work so it’ll be beneficial for you to get started with this right now.

If you have any questions or you need more clarification about any of the ways do drop a comment below, I respond immediately.



Ifechukwu David okekenwa is the founder of topwebincome, a renowned make money online blog. Ifechukwu is currently studying law at the university of Nigeria but he is managed to start and run several successful online businesses. Topwebincome was founded to share all the knowledge that he has gathered over the years. He is a programmer in training currently working towards becoming a full stack web developer. You can connect with him on social media.

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