How to make money online as a student in Nigeria without spending a dime.

how to make money online as a student in NIgeria without spending a dime.

Hey you, in today’s post I’ll be show you all the ways you can earn money online as a Nigerian student without spending a penny.

I know many students are broke and looking for a way to earn a little side income that won’t interfere with their studies, well I have the perfect way for you to do just that.

My name is ifechukwu okekenwa and I’ve been doing business online since 2016, am also a law student at UNN. All the methods that’ll be showing you in this post are 100% legitimate and tested, I can guarantee that if you follow my guide properly you’ll earn quite well too.


I don’t want to bore you with details like :


What is an online business?


I assume you already know what an online business is, so let’s get into the fun stuff immediately.

OK, what are the best ways to earn money online as a student in Nigeria without spending a dime.

Below are the best ways to earn money online as a student in Nigeria without spending a dime :


  • Blogging
  • Freelance
  •  Affiliate marketing
  •  Ecommerce
  •  YouTube
  •  Ebook
  •  Courses
  •  Facebook ad agency
  •  App development
  •  Etsy
  •  Consulting
  •  Instagram theme pages
  •  Instagram influencer
  •  Forex
  •  Crypto currency.
  •  Cpa marketing
  •  Reselling PLR books
  •  Mini importation
  •  Writing on medium
  •  Twitter influencer


I will now review all these one after the other.


Blogging :

Blogging remains one of the best ways to make money online as a Nigerian, this is because it gives you the opportunity to earn money even while you sleep. If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ll know that blogging is my favorite away of earning money online.

I won’t go into details when it comes to setting up a blog, this is because I already have a guide that will teach you how to setup a .com blog in Nigeria for less than N10k. This guide includes one of my favorite hosting companies domainkings, I advice you read my guide on why domainkings is the best hosting company in Nigeria.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time to build a profitable blog. Once the blog is fully setup and growing, just relax and chop money.

I would advise you to watch this video from income school on the best way to earn from your blog :


Freelancing :

This method is perfect for beginners, you can actually start freelancing today after reading this guide.

Freelancing online basically means working remotely for someone for a fee, these jobs are usually found on a market place. Marketplaces are websites that connect a freelancer with an employer requiring their services, the two most popular are fiverr and upwork.


there are tons of jobs that you can do online, some examples are :


  •  Programming
  •  Writing
  •  Copy writing
  •  Graphics design.
  • Video editing etc.


The best about freelancing is that you earn in dollars, at the time of writing this $1 =N410. If you can earn at least $1000 a month freelancing, you’re already earning more than some lawyers and bankers in Nigeria.

Head over now to fiverr and upwork to setup your account.


Affiliate marketing :


Affiliate marketing is a sure way of making money online in Nigeria, you can get started with this method with absolutely N0. Affiliate marketing simply means promoting products and services owned by other people online for a commission, commission could be 30%-50%.


Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative and passive, in the sense that you earn money (dollars) while you sleep. The secret to affiliate marketing is to only promote products and services that you personally believe in and use, promoting crappy products will seriously damage your reputation online.

There are various affiliate programs that accept Nigerians, however I recommend you join click bank though it doesn’t accept Nigerians at the moment. I have an article that will teach you how to get started with clickbank so you can earn $1000 a month passively.

If you really want to succeed with affiliate marketing then you need to read my guide on how to get started with Affiliate marketing as a Nigerian beginner.


Related : Affiliate networks that pay Nigerians weekly.


Ecommerce :

Ecommerce has really exploded in popularity mostly due to the recent pandemic, a lot more people are now shopping online. You too as a Nigerian can take advantage of this new trend and get into Ecommerce, there are many young people out there earning thousands of dollars selling online.

The best way to make money as a Nigerian with Ecommerce is to dropship from China, drop shipping simply means buying cheap products from aliexpress and Reselling at a higher price. A good example of someone who does this well would be whizqueen, she made N1,000,000 selling on konga.


To get started you’ll need a website, since you can’t afford shopify ($25/mo) you’ll need to use WordPress. Here’s a nice video on how to create an Ecommerce website with WordPress :


You can also decide to sell on local sites like jumia and konga just like whizqueen did.


YouTube :

Youtube is the biggest streaming service in the world with over 2 billion users every month, it is also one of the best places to make money online passively without spending a dime.

A lot of Nigerians have utilized this platform to earn a living for themselves online by creating amazing content, you too can do the same. All you have to do is create content around what you’re passionate about and I can guarantee that you’ll earn money in the long run.

There are various ways to earn money from YouTube, the most popular being adsence. In other to qualify for YouTube adsence you need 1000 subscribers and 4000hrs of watch time. Big YouTubers like Graham stephan have been able to earn over $2,000,000 a year just from YouTube ads.


Ebook :

Ebook is a very easy way to earn money online as a student, what this basically means is selling pdf’s containing valuable information about an area that you’re quite knowledgeable in. All you have to do is write the ebook, get a good cover and put it up online on your website, you can sell your ebooks on Amazon.



Courses is a very lucrative way to earn steady income online, you can make at least $10,000/mo selling courses online. You’ll need to film a tutorial on anything that you’re quite good at and then put it up on udemy or skillshare. The courses have to be something someone is willing to pay for, that’s the best way to ensure that you get sales.


Here is a video on how to get started selling courses online:

Facebook ad agency :

Now if you have absolutely no money to start with, launching a Facebook ad agency would be a very good idea. Facebook ad agency basically is a company/agency that specializes in running and setting up Facebook and Instagram ads for clients, it’s a very lucrative business.

You can get started by offering your services on fiverr and upwork before setting up your own website, you can learn how to set up Facebook/Instagram ads on YouTube. This business model is still quite new in Nigeria, you’ll do yourself good to get started now.


App development

This is another great way to make money online. As a beginner with no money, I made over N100k in my first year of doing this.

App development involves developing using mobile applications for the two most popular play stores (Apple and Google), the best part is that this business is very passive.

You’ll need to have a pretty good understanding of various programming languages like Java and kotlin, if you want to get into Android development. However you don’t nerd to know much about programming to get started, I have a guide on how I made $250 with



If you are into crafts and creative works, you can consider selling your work on Etsy. Etsy is a platform where creatives can sell their works. It’s a great way to earn money online , especially when you don’t have a lot of money. Do well to check it out.


Consulting :

If you have expert knowledge in any area whatsoever, you should really consider becoming a consultant for a business or company. My advice would be to learn as much as you can about E-commerce SEO and then start consulting for E-commerce sites that are trying to get their products to rank on Google.


Instagram theme pages :

Instagram theme pages is another great way to earn good money online, you can create an Instagram page around a very popular niche and make money from sponsorsed content on your page. A good example of this would be instablog9ja, they built a page around viral news and gist. The page probably charges quite a lot for advertisements on their page.


Instagram influencer :


This is quite similar to Instagram theme pages, here you don’t create a page around a niche rather the page is around you and your interests. You’ll need to command quite a following on Instagram to be able to get people to page you a lot of money for sponsored content, luckily I have a video on how to grow your Instagram followers.


Here is the video :


Forex :

Forex is a good way to make some money online in Nigeria, but this does involve a lot of risk. Forex essential means trading one currency or foreign exchange against another, it is very similar to day trading.

There are some young people who have made significant amounts of money from forex, if you’re looking to get into this I would advise that you do a lot of research. Fx goat YouTube can be a great place to start for young people who intend to make money online with forex.


Crypto currency :


Crypto currency has been all the buzz lately, many people have made a lot of money from this. Three of my classmates bought cars at the start of this session, and all of them trade crypto currencies.


If you don’t know what crypto currency is, here is an explainer video :

You should be careful though when dealing with crypto currency because the market fluctuates a lot, please do your research before investing your life savings in this business.


Cpa Marketing :


Cpa marketing is perfect for beginners who have never made any money before, all you do here is generate leads for businesses. If you’re new to this and don’t know how to get started, go read my article on how to make your first $100 with Cpa marketing.

This is one business that I highly recommend you start immediately, it’s very lucrative and passive.


Reselling PLR books:


This is a hidden gem that not alot of people know, you can make between $100-$500 a month selling PLR ebooks online. PLR are private liable materials, they could be ebooks or articles which you have the right to resell.

you’ll need a blog/website to get started, this will be your home on the internet. Then you’ll need to collect emails, I highly recommend getresponses because they are the best out there.

Email is the best place to sell anything to anyone, you’ll do yourself good by investing in get response(that’s what I use). My blog has a partnership with them so if you use my link, you’ll get amazing discounts.


You can watch this video on how to properly set up get responses:

Once you’re set up, head over to this website and download free ebooks. Then set up your email campaigns and start marketing to your audience.


Mini importation :


This is very easy for beginners, this basically involves buying cheap products from aliexpress and Reselling them in Nigeria.


Whiz queen is one Nigerian who does this very well, here is video on how she did that:


Writing on medium :


You can make money writing stories on medium, it’s one untapped niche that you can get into.


Shelby church made $6000 from one medium post, here is a video on how to get started :


Twitter influencer:


You can make a lot of money from Twitter once you command a huge following, some Nigerians charge as high as N1,000,000 on Twitter.


To get started, start creating interesting and engaging content on Twitter. In addition here is a great video on how best to grow your Twitter account :




You don’t need to start all the businesses I recommend here to make money online, you only need one or two. Whichever one you choose, try to be consistent, making money online is not a get rich quick scheme.


If you’re consistent and you work very hard eventually you’ll start to sell results.


If you need additional information on any of the businesses listed here, drop a comment below ( I respond immediately).



Ifechukwu David okekenwa is the founder of topwebincome, a renowned make money online blog. Ifechukwu is currently studying law at the university of Nigeria but he is managed to start and run several successful online businesses. Topwebincome was founded to share all the knowledge that he has gathered over the years. He is a programmer in training currently working towards becoming a full stack web developer. You can connect with him on social media.

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