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In the post, I’ll be giving you a full review of I will go over the various features of domainkings and why I consider it the best hosting company in Nigeria.


I have been using domainkings for over 3 years now, I have only good things to say. As a newbie blogger, one of my biggest hurdles was choosing a hosting company. That was until a friend recommended and it turned out to be one of the best hosting companies ever.


You should be very careful when choosing a hosting company to host your blog/website, choosing the wrong hosting company can lead to a host of problems from server downtime to hacks. Domainkings however doesn’t have any of this issues so far. is a hosting company that has been in operation in Nigeria for a while now, it is owned and managed by Indians. Domainking offers one of best and cheapest hosting services in Nigeria, I recommend you read my article on how i started a blog for less than N10,000 in Nigeria.


I will now give you some of the key features that make domainkings stand out :


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Best features of


  • Cheap domain name and hosting
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain name
  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • One click WordPress install
  • Fast servers
  • Amazing Affiliate program.
  • 30 day money back guarantee


I will explain these features in greater detail.

Cheap domain name and hosting : offers the cheapest hosting plans and domain registration, theirs is the best in the country.


I have personally benefitted from their amazing offers when I bought a domain for just N1k, recently I got a .com domain and a hosting plan for less than N10,000. I advise you read my article on that.


For of those who don’t know, a domain name refers to your website address or url (e.g while a hosting efers to a server where all your website files are stored. Website files include images, text etc.


Domainking has had zero downtimes since I started using them, they tend to offer their customers unlimited bandwidth which is really great for websites. I always recommend that new customers try out the solider plan as it’s the best plan for beginners.


Free SSL certificate offers its customers free SSL certificate, this is really great given that most hosting companies will make you pay for this.


SSL helps to secure your website from hackers, with all the cyber attacks going on this is a great feature to have. Domainking also helps you install the certificate if you can’t do it yourself.


SSL appears as a small lock key symbol beside your domain name, this means that any files or data on your site is fully encrypted and hidden from hackers.

Free domain name : offers you a free domain name when you purchase the solider plan, this is really cool considering that the domain name goes for N1300.


You can use the to set up a website or blog specifically targeted at Nigerians.

Easy to navigate dashboard :


This is one of the things I love about domainkings, their dashboard makes it easy for beginners to find exactly what their looking for.


Most hosting companies have dashboards that are unnavigable, this usually takes a toll on beginners forcing them to always contact the support team for assistance. If you are looking for a hosting company that’s very beginner friendly, sign up for


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One click WordPress install :


Domainking offers a one click WordPress install, I cover this extensively in my guide. For those of you who aren’t familiar with WordPress, it’s the most popular content management system that powers more than 70 million websites.


Domainking allows you to easily install this software from your Cpanel, the support team is there to assist you if you encounter any problems along the way. If you intend to make money with your website, then you most definitely need to have WordPress installed.

Fast servers :


Domainkings has one of the fastest servers in the world, my website topwebincome hosted on domainkings loads within seconds. Having a fast website is very important if you intend to get traffic from Google.


If you aim to build a website for your business or a blog to make money online, then make sure to use domainkings as their fast servers will help improve your Google ranking.


Download my free guide on how i made my first $100 online. (click allow to get download link)

Amazing affiliate program :

Domainking offers you a great way to make money online, you can make money online recommending domainkings to your friends and family through a process called affiliate marketing.


You can read my article on how to get started with affiliate marketing to learn more about it, you need to sign for domainkings in other to participate in this exciting offer.


Once you’re done signing up, write a post detailing your experience with domainkings and share with your friends and family. Be sure to include affiliate links in the post, you get free N500 when you sign up and you can withdraw once you hit N1000.

30 day money back guarantee : offers you a 30 day money back guarantee, this means that if you aren’t satisfied with domainkings services you can request a refund within 30 days.


There is clearly no reason for you not to sign up domainkings, head over to the website right now and create your account.


How to get started with


Now that you’ve learnt the key features of domainkings, the next thing Is to register and get started.


My blog is in a special partnership with, that means you get 20% off all your domains once you sign up for an account though this link.


I recommend you read my post on how to set up a blog with, you’ll gain a lot of valuable information.


Conclusion remains the best hosting company in Nigeria for beginners, if you’re looking for a hosting company for your new blog or website… I highly recommend

If you have any questions relating to domainkings do comment below, I reply immediately.


Ifechukwu David okekenwa is the founder of topwebincome, a renowned make money online blog. Ifechukwu is currently studying law at the university of Nigeria but he is managed to start and run several successful online businesses. Topwebincome was founded to share all the knowledge that he has gathered over the years. He is a programmer in training currently working towards becoming a full stack web developer. You can connect with him on social media.

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