Evadav review : How to make $100 a week in [2021]

how to make money online as a student in NIgeria without spending a dime.

Ready for a full review of Evadav?

Well in today’s post I’ll be giving you a complete review of Evadav, I’ll also be showing you how you can make $100 a week with it.

Evadav is a native ads platform, it’s sometimes considered an alternative to Google adsence. Anyone that has ever applied for Google adsence knows all the hassles that comes with the application process, Evadav saves you all that. I’ve been using evadav for a while now and I’ve been quite pleased with their services, In this post I’ll show you the core features of Evadav with makes it exceptional.

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There are alot of ways to make money with Evadav, but the best so far is push notifications and pop under. This requires you to insert a link/code on your website and when someone clicks on the pop ups you make money.

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I will now show you some of the top features of Evadav, they are :

Fast approval : Evadav has one of fastest approvals that I’ve ever seen, you can head over to the site at Evadav.com and get your account up and running in 2mins. This is best if you’re tired of having to deal with Google adsence and their host of rules, trust me I’ve been there. Evadav is best for newbies just getting started in the online space, you can grab your account with using my link and get an even higher Cpa rate.

High Cpa rates: Evadav offers one of the highest cpa rates on the internet, Cpa here simply refers to cost per acquisition. Cpa is how much Evadav pays for each click you get to your links, their rates are the best in the world. You get the highest rates from countries like united states, Canada, New Zealand etc. I’ve been able to make a lot of money from this site with even having any explosive traffic, other countries besides the ones listed have really good cpa rates as well. Evadav is really the best native ads platform out there.

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24/7 support : Evadav has the best support team of ad network, they support is always available 24/7. The best ways to contact their support is through email and telegram, from my experience they respond faster on telegram. I once had a problem with a payment method that I chose and the account manager they assigned to me was very helpful through out the process.

Weekly payments : Evadav has got to be the only ad network that offers weekly payments to their publishers. On Evadav, once your balance is above $25 your payment will be sent to your selected payment method. Evadav has never missed a payment. Don’t worry about reaching $25, once you register your account through my link you can take advantage of the high Cpa rates.

Multiple payment methods : Evadav has a vast array of payment methods, you will certainly find something suitable for you. Evadav is the only ad network that allows you to withdraw via Bitcoin (yes Bitcoin), I have personally been receiving all my payments with Bitcoin. There are other payment methods such as payoneer, skill etc.

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Low payment threshold : Evadav allows you to withdraw your payments weekly once the threshold is above $25, other networks set their threshold at $100. Don’t worry about hitting your threshold, the high cpa rates you get when you register with my link will definitely help you get there.

How to place Evadav on your website

After you’ve registered for Evadav, you’ll need to place it on your website in other to make money. Placing Evadav on your site is very easy, just put the code that you’ll be given within the <body> tag on your website.


Evadav is the best adsence alternative out there, it’s one of the best ways to make your first $$$ online as a complete beginner. Their weekly payments and Very high CPA make them stand out as the best, I highly recommend them.

If You’re confused at any point about anything, feel free to drop a comment… I responded immediately.


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