10 Best ways to promote clickbank products

best wayt to promote clickbank products.

Are you ready to learn the best ways to promote clickbank products? Well in this post I’ll be showing you 10 ways that you can do just that.

Am sure you know very well what clickbank is, for those who don’t : clickbank Is an affiliate market place that offers a range of products across multiple Niches to affiliates to promote. That’s kind of the simple definition. Clickbank is the best way to get started with Affiliate marketing.

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10 best ways to promote clickbank products

Start a website : This is by far the best way to promote clickbank products or any affiliate product for that matter. In 21st century launching a website is now super easy and can be done in less than 10 minutes. The idea is to launch a website / blog around the particular product you’re trying to promote, it could be health and fitness, self help, E-marketing etc.

Websites are very easy to start, no coding required. I highly recommend that you use Bluehost to start your website, reasons being that they are best hosting company in the world with the best support systems for new affiliates. My blog topwebincome.com is in a special partnership with Bluehost that’s offering websites to all my readers for just $3, yes $3 a month. No web hosting company will ever give you such a discount.

I got this offer exclusively for you, so go now sign up for Bluehost. I have written an extensive a guide on how to sign up and get a website on Bluehost, I recommend you read my guide. If you are confused at any point, contact Bluehost support or drop a comment below.. I reply immediately. 

Publish a review on medium.com : Medium is a very popular article sharing site that allowed you to publish posts on a range of topics, generally medium isn’t free but there is a way you can get your posts up on medium. Medium allows you to publish 3 articles with a 24hr time frame if you’re on a free account, this is the package that I use and you should too. You can write a review of your desired clickbank product and publish it on medium, medium receives thousands of visitors a day. Medium is actually an seo optimized site so there is a high chance your article will rank on Google getting you more visitors and sales.

Quora: This a great site to promote your clickbank products, this is because it’s one of the most visited sites in the world. Quora is basically a question and answer site where people ask questions and get answers to those questions. There is a certain way you need to go about promoting your clickbank products on quora, this is because the site is quite strict when it comes to affiliate marketing.

I always recommend to newbie affiliate marketers that they create a website, you can do that with Bluehost and publish useful articles on that website. When someone asks a question on quora, answer it and attach a link to your website where your affiliate link is already included. Don’t link directly to your affiliate product, quora will ban your account if you do this. If you do this correctly you will earn loads of commissions from clickbank.

Pinterest : Pinterest is a very popular social media thats used by thousands in the United States. Pinterest is a virtual search engine where people enter searches and get results just like Google. Pinterest is a great way to drive thousands of traffic to your website. The best way to get sales using pinterest is to create a website, add relevant articles and create beautiful pins using canva. You should also endeavor to do adequate pinterest seo so that your pins can be found by potential customers.

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Reddit: Reddit is undoubtedly the front page of the internet, this website has millions of registered users and gets billions of traffic each month. Reddit is one of the best places to promote your clickbank products, there are a lot of subreddits so you’re sure to find one where your products fall under.

Facebook group : Facebook is the world’s biggest social media with over 1.3billion active monthly users. There is a Facebook group for every clickbank niche and you will do yourself well to join one that is relevant to a product that you’re promoting. If you can’t find a relevant, you can always create a new Facebook in your niche.

Twitter : Twitter is another popular social media that has millions of users each month, Twitter has around 330 million monthly active users. Twitter is a great place to promote your affiliate links. The best way to promote on Twitter is to write articles on you blog and share on Twitter using trending Hashtags. You can also use some sponsored tweets, though this will cost some money.

YouTube : YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and also a great way to promote clickbank products. YouTube gets billions of visitors each day, all looking looking for information and reviews on one product or the other. YouTube is owned by Google which means that most of your videos will surely show up on Google. If you’re serious about making money with clickbank then I highly recommend you get on YouTube immediately.

Facebook ads: Running ads can be a great way to get quick results from clickbank, if you have extra cash to spare you should really consider running Facebook ads. Facebook as I’ve said above is the biggest social media in the world, Facebook is also the best place to get quick results from online advertising. There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube that will teach how to setup a Facebook ad campaign.

Email marketing : Email marketing as the name implies, refers to marketing and selling via email. Email marketing is a great way to drive sales online, there are thousands of tools that you can use for email marketing. The one of the best software for email marketing is getresponse, this is because it’s quite easy to use and very beginner friendly. Alot of clickbank products provide you with email swipes that you can use for promotion, this will help you get sales quickly.

Instagram: Instagram is another big social media, its also a good place to promote your clickbank products. The trick with Instagram is to setup Instagram theme pages around the niche you want to promote and focus on going your followers. You can also take advantage of Instagram ads or Instagram influencers.

In conclusion. Clickbank remains one of the best ways to get started with Affiliate marketing, and these ways are one of best ways to get quick results.

If you have any questions or run into any problems with clickbank, drop a comment below (I respond immediately).




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