Best adsence alternative for Nigerians

how to make money online as a student in NIgeria without spending a dime.
A lot of people have been experiencing difficulties with Google adsence, this could range from being denied or having their account banned. I personally have been a victim of this, I lost an account with over £9.44 pounds in it and that really pained me. So in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you the best adsence alternative for Nigeria, the best thing about this ad network that’ll be sharing with you is that it’s new and not a lot of people are using it.

Best adsence alternative for Nigerians

OK, so the best is adsence alternative for Nigerians is Evadav, am pretty sure you haven’t heard of Evadav. Evadav is a New ad network with amazing CPM rates, I’ve actually been using evadav for a little over a month now on this blog and I can say am loving every second of it.
Below is how much I Made and withdrew from Evadav after 1 week of blogging :
more payment pending
This is the another is still have pending to be withdrawn
how much i made my first few weeks blogging
There are alot of benefits that come with using Evadav, some of them are :
  • Fast approval
  • High CPM rates
  • 24/7 support
  • Weekly payments
  • Multiple payment options
  • Low payment threshold etc.
Fast approval : one of the issue alot of Nigerians experience with Google adsence is that it’s very hard to get approved, Many people end getting denied and even when approved they get stuck in the address verification stage. With Evadav the registration process is very smooth, it’s just like signing up for Facebook everything can be done in 2mins and I’ll show you how.
High CPM rates : Evadav provides very high CPM rates. When you put Evadav on your site you’ll be quite surprised at all fast you can get to a $100.
24/7 support: Evadav offers 24/7 for any problem that you encounter on their site, whether it’s setting up your payment method or questions about the network they are always there to help. The support team can mostly be reached via telegram.
Weekly payments : One of the major pros of using Evadav is that they offer weekly payments. Evadav pays its publishers every Monday through the Payment method that you have Chosen.
Multiple payment methods : Evadav offers a host of payment methods to its publishers. This payment method include (payoneer, PayPal, skrill, Bitcoin etc). The account that I run with my friend has made over $65 which we have withdrawn through Bitcoin (yeah, Bitcoin).
Low payment threshold : Evadav has a very low payment threshold of just $25, this is compared to adsence which has $100 as its payment threshold. What this means is that if you have more than $25 in your Evadav account you’ll be paid every Monday, and trust me you’ll definitely make more than $25 every week.

How to open an Evadav account in Nigeria.

Now I’ll be showing you how to open an Evadav account in Nigeria. I’ve entered a partnership with Evadav that’ll provide my readers with the best CPM rates (pretty cool right?).
Step 1
Get on the Evadav homepage(please make your use this link, this is the only way you’ll get the amazing CPM rates).
Step 2
Click on the sign up button this can be found on the homepage
Step 3
Enter the required details and then submit.
Step 4
You should see a similar dashboard when you’re done (i told you the registration process was easy).
Step 5
You’ll need to create a widget in order to start earning money from your blog/website. Here is a video on how to do that :
Step 6
When you’re done creating your widget make sure you install the code that you’ve gotten from the Evadav website after <body> on you’re sites template.
If you have followed this steps listed above you should start seeing earnings on your dashboard. If you have any questions about the account opening or code installation please drop them below, I’ll be very happy to help.

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