How to start a profitable blog in Nigeria for less than N10,000

In today’s post I’ll be showing you how to start a blog in Nigeria with less than N10,000. I will guide you on how to create your blog, how to monetize your blog and how to drive traffic to it.

So what is a blog?

The term blog comes from two words which are Web + Log, so a weblog. So when you say someone is a blogger, it simply means that he/she is a web logger. Just like scientists enter data into log books, bloggers enter information about a particular niche into a website which is called a blog. This is a simple explanation. The main difference between a blog and a website is that a website usually consists of a few pages which are not updated regularly, while a blog consist of a lot of of pages which are updated regularly. A typical website might consist of a homepage, about page, contact page, privacy policy page etc but a blog will have these listed pages and still include links to various articles relating to the subject matter of the blog. Hope that’s clear.

watch this video for more information


Now why should you create a blog Today?

Well blogging is a very lucrative business, you can earn a steady side income from just blogging. A Lot of people claim that blogging is now a saturated online business, this is not true. The reason a lot of people fail to earn a substantial income from blogging is because they are doing it wrong. With this post am going to show you how to start a profitable blog from the comfort of your home in Nigeria.  Just look at how much I made within the first few weeks of blogging.

how much i made my first few weeks blogging

i have already withdrawn the $27.41 seen above. i still have more pending.

more payment pending


Blogging can also boost your portfolio greatly if you know what you’re doing. If you want to become more knowledgeable about a particular field, then it will be wise to start a blog in that niche.


So how do you start a blog with less that N10,000?


I know most of you might think the title of this post is clickbait, but it’s really not. I will show you how you can register a   .com domain  and buy hosting for one year all with just N9,600 (that’s less than N10,000). Are you ready? let’s get started.

How to start a profitable blog in Nigeria.


Step 1

Choosing your niche.

Before you even proceed to create your blog, you must decide on what you want to blog about. A lot of people fail to make any money blogging simply because they’ve choosen an unprofitable niche or a niche they are not knowledgeable about. Some of you might be wondering what a blog niche is? A blog niche is just the subject matter or topic of a blog. My blog is about how to make money online. I teach newbies how to earn their first $$$$ online. If you want to get daily make money online tips I highly suggest you subscribe to the pop up notification(if you didn’t see it, turn of ad block and reload the page). Here are some of the profitable blog niche you should start in Nigeria today.

  •  Business/entrepreneur blog
  •  Mini importation blog
  •  Education blog
  •  Fashion blog
  •  Job search blog.
  •  Travel blog
  •  Immigration abroad blog
  • Beauty blog
  • Tech blog etc


Don’t start a Make money online blog if you’ve never made anything online. This is because your audience will know from your writing that you’re not knowledgeable about the niche. Don’t try to blog about entertainment or gist, this is an over saturated niche already. Sites like Lindaikeji and naijaloaded already dominate this space.


That being said let’s move to :


Step 2


Choosing domain name and hosting.



OK, you have your blog niche down, let’s talk about domain name and hosting. Your domain name is going to be your blogs url. E.g It is always advisable to choose a domain name that ends with  .com this is because it makes your site look a lot more professional and authentic. Blogging is a business, and if you want it to pay you like a business you have to treat it like a business. Before we proceed I would like to register on domainkings. Domainkings is the best hosting company in Nigeria and I’ll tell you why in a minute. Click here to go to there website and create your account.

watch this video on domain name.



When you get to domainking homepage, you will need to click the three lines on the righthand corner.

domainking homepage


When you click that, choose login.

Look at the bottom of the login page and click register.


Fill out those fields and click submit. ( you will get a confirmation email from domain kings)


The next step out should take now would be to choose your domain name. Now that u have created your account, click on register domain to arrive at the page below.

Enter the domain name you’ll like to use and select your extension (e.g  .com, .net etc) then click to continue.

On the next page, it will show you that your domain still doesn’t have hosting. This brings us to the next step in the blog creation which is choosing a hosting plan. The hosting company that you decide to use will provide you with a server where you can store all of your website files and this server will host your website on the web. This server will make your website available to the everyone. It is always advisable to go with a reputable hosting company like domainking, choosing a terrible hosting company will make your site unavailable.

watch this video on web hosting


That being said, you should click on (No hosting, click to add).


On the next page, you’ll see a a lot of hosting plans. We’ll be using the solider hosting which is the basic hosting plan for now.


The solider hosing plan allows you to host 2 websites, it also gives you a free domain name. It provides you with 2GB space to store all your files, unmetered bandwidth and a free SSL certificate (this helps to make your site secure), most hosting companies will make you pay for this(that’s why domainking is the best).


Click on order now to choose the solider hosting.

On the next page, choose use the domain already in my cart.

On the next page choose continue to checkout.

Check the 2 boxes for DNS Management and ID protection. Other hosting companies will make you pay $3-$5 for this but with domainking you get them for free. Click on continue to final checkout when you’re done.

Make sure your total amount due is N9600.

Proceed to make payment with mastercard or Visa and you’re good to go.

Step 3

Installing WordPress.

The next step in your blog creation process would be to install WordPress. WordPress is the major CMS we’ll be using for the blog. Domainking offers one click install for WordPress, if you experience any issue with the installation feel free to contact the support team.

To install WordPress, you’ll need to login into your domainking account and navigate to my services tab as seen below.


Find the Domain name and click on little green arrow.

You’ll be taken to a page similar to the one below. Find and copy your Cpanel login details.

You’ll now need to login into your Cpanel, to do that go to and login with the username and password you’ve been given.


The Cpanel dashboard looks something like this.

Find the software column and click on WordPress. Follow the prompt to install and you’re good to go.




How to make money with from your new blog .

In order to make money from your blog, you’ll need “traffic” . Traffic here simply refers to blog visitors. The are many ways to drive traffic to your site but the best way is through social media and forums. You can start by writing relevant articles in your niche and sharing your blog url on Facebook (Facebook groups in your niche) and on forums like nairaland and quora.

The best way to make money as a beginner is with ads. You don’t need to waste time applying for adsence, you can simply use the same ad network as me and you can be earning $25 every week from your blog.

Hope you’re clear on how to create, monetize and drive traffic to your blog. Go now and earn with your site.



  1. I have an idea for a blog but don’t have funds to buy hosting.

    Was planning to start with free hosting on byethost and then move to a premium plan later in the future.

    Is this approach possible?

    1. It is possible to start a WordPress blog for 4500 using, all you need is to purchase the solider plan and you get a free domain name. You might find it difficult to rank on Google with a free host.

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